SharePoint 2010 is Cool with First Class Tool

I can not believe it’s exactly one year since I promised to my self to blog about SharePoint. What I can confess is that, yes, I have been heavly involved in SharePoint 2007 apps such as Document Management, Project Management Tracking as well as Service Request Tracking apps using my favourite tool SharePoint designer 2007. I have always wanted to do a project using the SharePoint object model but never had a chance. My problem in using the object medel in SharePoint 2007 has been the bootstapping process/tools that I had to go through. Thanks to SharePoint 2010, though, that seems to be history. Visual Studio 2010 is now taking care of all the nitty gritty jobs behind the scene, which is fantastic.
The aim of my today’s blog is once again to express my excitement about the new SharePoint 2010 and the tools that are associated with it. If you are like me who is waiting eagerly for the release of SharePoint 2010 public beta, look at these new cool Channel 9 SharePoint 2010 Developer videos, which I thought were magnificient resource for people like me who want to dive into it. Last night I had a chance to go through some of these videos with my favorite instructor, Ted Pattison, and they are fantastic. My only comment is that some of the videos appear to be unreadable. Enjoy it!!
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