Get manager (V2) Action – No manager was found for the specified user error.

I have a Power Automate flow where I am using the Get manger(V2) action. Get manger(V2) is an action that queries for the Manager of a given M365 user. When you are using the free M365 Developer tenant, you can end up with a global admin with no manager name (see the third screenshot below).Continue reading “Get manager (V2) Action – No manager was found for the specified user error.”

Export Managed Metadata value of “TaxonomyFieldMulti” type with PnP PowerShell

I was tasked to create a report containing the list of items (with columns including Managed Metadata) for all document libraries in all SharePoint Online (SPO) sites with STS#3 template type in the tenant that are tied to specific Content Types. It’s straight forward when it comes to exporting columns (or fields) that are nonContinue reading “Export Managed Metadata value of “TaxonomyFieldMulti” type with PnP PowerShell”

How to add more users to your free Office 365 Developer tenant

One of the benefits of having MSDN subscription is to get a free Developer Office 365 tenant with 25 users. The challenge is that you have to go through some fiddling before you can be able to add more users into your tenant. Below is a screenshot that you can click to see how youContinue reading “How to add more users to your free Office 365 Developer tenant”

How to update existing SharePoint External Content Types (ECT)

The question is you have created several External Lists inside SharePoint using ECTs and now the database where you used to create ECTs is moved to a different server. Besides the name of the database is changed. However, table names haven’t changed. Instead of recreating new ECTs and then new External lists, I want toContinue reading “How to update existing SharePoint External Content Types (ECT)”

Office 365 and SharePoint Community Go-To Resources

I am cross-posting this so that I have the resource at hand for reference. Big thank you goes to Eric Overfield who I follow as one of my goto resource person. The great thing about technology is that feeling connected is literally a click away and the Office 365 / SharePoint community is no different.Continue reading “Office 365 and SharePoint Community Go-To Resources”

Add Reusable Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013

The way we  create reusable workflow in SharePoint Designer (SPD) 2013 is a bit different from 2010 and as a result most people thought that Microsoft disabled this feature. The fact is this feature is still available but the way you navigate to creating  a reusable workflow in SPD 2013 is a bit different fromContinue reading “Add Reusable Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013”

How to change SharePoint List or Document Library URL using SharePoint Designer

There are two ways of changing your SharePoint list or library URL. The first one is, of course, using PowerShell which I am not going to discuss now. The second one is using SharePoint Designer. You need to have site collection admin access to do this. Suppose you want to change the URL, http://sitename/sites/testsite/Lists/Bad List Name/  toContinue reading “How to change SharePoint List or Document Library URL using SharePoint Designer”

How to move SharePoint list items/documents with metadata properties intact

If you want to move contents of SharePoint Document Library or List with intact metadata then use Content and Structure that you can find under Site Administration page of your site. URL is http://YOURDOMAIN/sites/_layouts/settings.aspx. Before using either copy or move actions make sure you create a destination library/list/folder names in your the destination site:  

Office 365 outlook groups features comparison

Office 365 is a way that helps us use Exchange and SharePoint online together to give your teams or group of people a way to work together using the best parts of what’s available in Office 365. Office 365 groups don’t exist in the on-premises space but in hybrid deployments, Office 365 Groups can beContinue reading “Office 365 outlook groups features comparison”