Why I do not see the Application Pool in my Windows 2003 IIS MMC?

If you are using Windows 2003, then you should be running IIS 6.0. If you do not  see Application Pools in the IIS MMC, it looks like you are running in IIS 5 isolation mode. You can verify this, by right clicking on “Web Sites” in the IIS MMC,  choose Properties, click on the Service tab, if “Run WWW service in IIS 5.0 isolation mode” is checked, then that is why you do not see Application Pools.  You will need to uncheck this setting and restart IIS.


Building Dynamic BI Using Excel/SharePoint List Data – part 2

Since in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, the ability to synchronize data between Excel table and a SharePoint list is deprecated we need to download and install an add-in. The add-in then will enable us to update the information in a SharePoint list from Excel 2007.

The first thing we need to do is download and install the Excel 2007 Add-in: Synchronizing Tables with SharePoint Lists into our Microsoft Office 2007 client application.

Please consult this MSDN paper as to how you can install the add-in into Office 2007 and publish the data to a SharePoint list.

Please note that you cannot save your Excel workbook in the new Office Open XML Formats (.docx). Instead, to retain the functionality, you need to save the workbook in the Excel 97-2003 file format (.doc).

If you follow these steps you have now an Excel workbook that has a data and synced to a SharePoint list.

In my next and final blog I will explain as to how we can create the Visifire chart, to display the synced SharePoint list data, using SharePoint designer 2007.